About the Dusty Dogs

From relaxing on the couch to 4×4 off road adventures, the dusty dogs are constant companions. They are a pack of their own and are all four-wheeling dogs. There is not a day that passes that we don’t get the sad puppy eyes if for any reason they can’t go on an adventure. Take a look at the Dusty Dog album on our Facebook page for more details on the whole pack.

Shakur 1


Shakur: The Senior

Shakur was adopted from a local shelter when he was about 9 months old. He was terrified of people, underweight by about 20lbs and had scars around his neck from abuse. It was love at first site. After being carried to the car and into the house, he settled in. The next several years were spent rehabilitating him and training to the loving and happy dog he is today. He is now 9 years old and goes everywhere. He loves going on 4-wheeling adventures and playing in the lakes and rivers whenever he gets a chance. Even though he is the oldest, he doesn’t let it show.



Shakur and Dana


Dana: The Pack Leader

We’ve had Dana since she was just a pup. The tiny little fluff ball that she was stole the families hearts since day 1. She quickly learned that riding in the truck was her favorite thing to do. She has done it all, from sailboating to riding on the atv, she makes sure she has her place as queen Dana.










Atlas: The Young Fox

Atlas came into our lives when we went with a friend to sign paperwork for another puppy at LOLA’s Rescue. The foster came out with her and it was love at first site. Atlas took to Shakur immediately and hasn’t left his side since. Atlas had her first 4-wheeling adventure the 2nd day after we brought her home and now won’t let us leave without her. She is not afraid of anything, she is the guard dog of the truck and official shop dog.